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In 2017, Transition Town Marlow created a 4 mile circular on-road cycle route around Marlow, the Marlow Loop, with support from NCS The Challenge Team Emeke, Sustrans and the councils (BCC, WDC and MTC). The aim is to raise the profile of cycling in the town and provide an interesting route for residents and visitors who wish to explore by bike.

You can download our latest Marlow Loop leaflet here.

Did you find love on the Loop? Or do you have a great Loop story to share? Get in touch!


The Loop is signposted by blue stickers with the green logo shown above. Check out the map in the leaflet or our online interactive map. The route includes the train station and 10 sites of interest, as well as links to other cycling routes.

Marlow Loop map with numbered cycle racks.

You can download GPX files of a clockwise and anti-clockwise Loop via the interactive map or by downloading the files here: clockwise and anti-clockwise. GPX files can then be loaded into your GPS tracker device or your mobile phone, using apps such as OsmAnd or BikeGPX, making it easy for you to follow the route.

List of cycle racks

1. Top edge of Dean St car park, next to Trinity Rd (2 x hoop type; no cover)

2. Next to Liston Hall (3 x wheel grab type; no cover)

3. North of entrance porch of Doctors’ House, Victoria Rd, off Glade Rd (4 x wheel-grab type; partial cover)

4. At Liston Rd entrance to Waitrose (6 x hoop type; covered)

5. Back of Sainsbury’s, Riley Rd, along window of supermarket (5 x hoop type; partial cover)

6. Front of Sainbury’s, West Street (3 x hoop type, covered)

7. Left of library, Institute Rd, (2 x swirly type; no cover)

8. At train station (7 x hoop type; 4 of which are covered)

9. Back of Travelodge (4 x hoop type; no cover)

10. Marlow Club entrance (5 x wheel grab type; covered)

11. West St car park, at end of car park next to Portlands Alley (3 hoop type; no cover)

12. Near corner of roads, outside Mint Velvet/Fegos coffee shop (5 x hoop type, no cover)

13. On corner, outside Malik’s restaurant & Mary Brooks clothes shop (2 x hoop type, no cover)

14. North edge of Higginson Park, near public toilets (5 x hoop type; covered)

15. Left of entrance to Court Garden (2 x hoop type and 5 x wheel grab type; no cover)

16. Right side of All Saints Church entrance, to side of porch (4 x wheel grab type; no cover)

Report a problem

To report a problem with the Loop or a sticker – please send us an email.

To report a problem with the roads (e.g. potholes, dangerous situations) – please use FixMyStreet (also available as an app) or the Transport for Bucks interface. If you have reported a problem, why not let us know the reference number so we can follow it up as well?

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