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The Free Family Trees Scheme

The Free Family Trees Scheme has already added over 100 new trees in gardens across Marlow. Potted trees are available all year-round and new bare-rooted specimens over the autumn/winter planting season. We offer native species suitable for smaller and larger gardens. We will add some climate adaptive species soon..

Complete the form below to request your trees. Bare-root saplings are available from late autumn and through the winter. We also have some potted trees, which may be available at other times of year.

Before completing the form below, please read our species descriptions, which will help you choose species that are suitable for your garden.

About Releaf Marlow

Releaf Marlow aims to increase the number of trees in and around Marlow, and has a goal of doubling Marlow’s tree canopy to 40%. It is run by Transition Town Marlow with the backing of Marlow Town Counciland recognised by Buckinghamshire Council as contributing towards local sustainability.

By increasing the number of urban trees, the project aims to make Marlow a better place for people, encourage wildlife, absorb air pollution and respond to climate change.

Releaf Marlow is funded directly by TTM and acknowledges donations from the Marlow & District Wine Society, the Shanly Foundation as well as from a number of Marlow residents.

Releaf Marlow brought together volunteers to plant its first trees in January 2021. Since then, it has worked with Buckinghamshire Council and landowners to plant more trees every winter, at sites within and around Marlow.

Hedge planting in January 2022

During the summers, Releaf Marlow provides aftercare to the trees we have helped to plant. This includes watering for the first three years, replacing ties, and when necessary replacing trees.

If you want to be part of the volunteer effort or make a donation to Releaf, please get in touch.

Please consider donating to the Releaf Marlow fund.