Releaf Marlow aims to increase the number of trees along Marlow’s streets, in open spaces, and in hedgerows as part of the #sustainablemarlow initiative launched by Marlow Town Council in July 2019. It is a joint project with Marlow Town Council, supported by an enthusiastic group of volunteer residents and in close cooperation with Wycombe District Council’s tree officers.

By increasing the number of urban trees, the project aims to make Marlow an even more pleasant place for people, to increase space for wildlife, and to absorb air pollution. Planting more trees is also an important response to climate change because trees take up carbon from the atmosphere and provide shade and cooling in summer.

In a first phase, Releaf Marlow volunteers are surveying the town to identify spaces where new trees could be planted, including along streets, in parks, and on other open spaces. The second stage is to work with landowners to secure permissions, and with sponsors to secure additional funding so that the rate of tree planting can be dramatically increased. Where possible, Releaf Marlow will also enable residents and local groups to get their wellies on and actually plant some trees.

If you want to be part of the volunteer effort to support ReLeaf, please get in touch. You can also donate to our cause using the interface below.