Through our experience of cycling in & around Marlow and talking to lots of people, we have identified a list of 20 improvements in & around Marlow that would really make a difference. You can find The Twenty below, as well as the maps that show how they fit into the bigger picture. We have also shared this list with Buckinghamshire Council.

The numbering does not reflect any priority or feasibility, just a way to identify them. Numbers 1-12 are in the town centre, 13-20 look beyond. We are aware that some of them will face significant technical and administrative hurdles!

Did we miss any? Do you have suggestions, comments or thoughts? Are you able to help with any of them? Please contact us.

  1. Portlands Alley: cyclists allowed with pedestrian priority
  2. Footpaths across Oak Tree Ave: cyclists allowed with pedestrian priority
  3. Footpath between Victoria Ct/Newfield Rd: widen footpath to allow shared use (pedestrians and cyclists)
  4. Liston Court: create a possibility to cycle between Liston Rd and Cromwell Gardens
  5. All schools, primary and secondary: improve cycle storage (quality, quantity, ideally covered)
  6. Footbridge across A404: install a bicycle stairway to allow bikes & pushchairs to be pushed over the bridge
  7. High St: additional cycle racks to allow for safe parking when shopping
  8. Institute Rd: additional cycle racks to allow for safe parking when shopping
  9. Heron’s Place: convert the short stretch of footpath to shared use or bridleway
  10. Riley Road/Crown Road: allow 2-way for cyclists (still 1-way for motorised traffic)
  11. Trinity Rd: close to through-traffic (still need access for residents/deliveries, e.g. from Dean St) to improve safety for walking/cycling school children at Holy Trinity
  12. Wycombe Rd: increase the length of the shared-use path along the entire road
  13. A4155 Marlow Rd: widen the shared-use path from Marlow to Little Marlow and/or put a path on both sides of the road
  14. A4155 Marlow Rd/Ferry Ln: make a provision for safe cycling between Well End and Cookham, through Bourne End; link with Cookham cycle paths
  15. Marlow Bottom: extend the shared-use path from before Burford School to the whole length of Marlow Bottom
  16. Between Marlow Bottom and M40: create a cyclable link to the tunnel under the M40 to give an alternative route to Cressex that avoids Handy Cross
  17. A4155 Henley Rd: a safe, off-road cycling route to Danesfield School
  18. Myee’s Plantation: the creation of a bridleway between Daws Hill Ln and Handy Cross Hub/Leisure Centre
  19. near Heath End Rd: convert a short stretch of footpath to a bridleway, to link in with #18
  20. B482: add a new cycle path to Cressex (if until Clay Lane) or all the way to Lane End
Proposed improvements for cycling in Marlow
Proposed improvements in Marlow town centre
Proposed improvements around Marlow