Transition Town Marlow will consider grant applications made by individuals and voluntary organisations that serve the local community and whose objectives align with ours. The purpose of our grant scheme is to provide seed funding for projects which strengthen the local community and reduce our environmental impacts in ways that are enjoyable, constructive, inspiring and produce positive change.

Status of the grant scheme: OPEN

If the scheme is open, TTM will consider applications (up to £1,000) on a rolling basis at the next decision meeting. This may change in the future and without notice. We will give priority to organisations which have not been previously funded.


If you would like to apply for a grant, please complete our application form.

Past grant recipients

St Peter’s Catholic Primary School (January 2022)

St Peter’s Catholic Primary School started a Forest School in early 2021, clearing an area at the bottom of their field to make space for some exciting outdoor education. They worked with groups of parent volunteers to clear and prepare the area and obtained tree stumps from a grandparent tree surgeon of someone in the school to make a seating area, and some post and rail fencing from another parent to ensure the area was contained. While they were able to find certain resources on Freecycle and from donations that people offer, certain tools needed to be bought in order to further develop the area.

A £500 Community Grant from Transition Town Marlow allowed the school to purchase lots of essential tools and equipment that the children and adults will enjoy learning to use during weekly Forest School sessions. A local nursery also comes to the school to use the area and they are also delighted at the new equipment!