Marlow Living Streets is a group of volunteer local residents who are passionate about decreasing pollution and traffic congestion in the town.

We want our streets to become safer and healthier, and make Marlow a more sustainable, accessible, and pleasant place to live, work and shop:

  • We will promote the health, societal and economic benefits of walking and cycling short journeys into and across Marlow and surrounding areas.
  • Campaign for a default 20mph speed limit on all roads that people live, work, shop and socialise on across Marlow, as endorsed by the UN and the WHO. Sceptical? Don’t forget to check out the “myth” around 20 mph zones…
  • Work proactively with Buckinghamshire Council and our town council to improve air quality in the ‘Air Quality Management Zone’ in Chapel Street, High Street, Spittal Street & West Street.
  • Support Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, ‘School Streets’ and other people-friendly initiatives.
  • Support Marlow schools to promote walking and cycling journeys, and initiatives such as ‘park and stride’, Modeshift Stars and Next Steps.
  • Campaign for more investment in wider busy pavements, parklets, more public seating, larger networks of segregated cycle lanes and improved cycle parking to make travelling without a car safer, more convenient and a more pleasant experience in and around Marlow.

For more information about the campaign and to sign up as a supporter, visit the Marlow Living Streets page. You can also follow us on Facebook.