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The Marlow Repair Café is an opportunity for people to learn how to fix their own items, rather than throwing them away. This can range from electronics to furniture, or from jewellery to bikes.

Practical info

It is organised bi-monthly alongside the Marlow Market, in the All Saints Church Hall, from 10 am until 1 pm, with a “special edition” at a guest location in January.

The dates for 2020 are:
Sunday 5th January @ FourState, 7 Spittal St, Marlow SL7 3HJ Add to Calendar
Saturday 1st February Add to Calendar
Saturday 4th April Add to Calendar
Saturday 6th June
Saturday 1st August
Saturday 3rd October

Drop in with items to repair or for a chat. The Repair Café Foundation website has more details on what it is and what the house rules are.

Have you got thoughts, ideas, comments or suggestions? Are you good at repairing things? Do you have unique tools that could be of use? We’d love to hear from you, either via our contacts page or via the Marlow Repair Cafe Facebook page. That page is also a good way to show your support and spread the word.

Please consider supporting the work of the Marlow Repair Café.

Below are some photos from our Repair Café events. Those marked “M. Phillips” were taken by Mark Phillips as part of his ‘Unbroken’ project.

The first Marlow Repair Café

TTM organised the first Marlow Repair Café at the Marlow Market as part of the Love Marlow Festival on Saturday June 2nd 2018 in All Saints Church Hall. This was also the first Repair Café in Buckinghamshire. Our enthusiast volunteers tackled: 3 bikes (mostly diagnosis of what needs replacing), a few necklaces, a jewellery box, 2 clocks, 1 watch strap, an iPhone battery, a leaking Nespresso machine and seat cushions for a chair. The café also gave the opportunity for people to meet, have a chat or just sit down and relax. Below are a few snapshots of the event.